Friday, August 23, 2013

> > > > > > Beneath the Layers of a Day

Layer after layer of civilized life

seems to have veiled our directness of seeing.

We often look for an underlying meaning of things

while the thing itself is the meaning.

Anni Albers

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I've been spending all my free time this summer here on my back porch.   Nestled in the corner in my redwood chair behind my screen of Virginia Creeper.  Underneath the lilac tree and the hot summer sky.  It's my little chariot that bookends my summer days, starting w coffee and ending with a look at whatever phase of the moon we are in.  I get to sit here beneath the layers of the trees as they bloom and then leaf out, the sun as it changes throughout the summer and adds layers to the light and shadow of the surrounding landscape.  A stillness that is not still at all that I am happy to be reminded to be a part of beneath the layers of my day.

It's become the puja or the ritual focus of my home this summer and I am it's happy devotee.

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