Sunday, September 15, 2013

+ An Even GIVE & TAKE +

Creative people need focus

and the first way to focus is by being supported

by at least one or two people who love and nurture you.

It's very difficult to be creative on one's own.

Everyone needs at least one or two people who believe in them.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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There are so many parallels between being an art student and a student of yoga.

My good friend and studio mate from college, Kim (aka Young Guns), recently gave me the sketch in this pic as a gift for Yoga Garden.  The sketch is by our painting and drawing instructor, Mr. Boppel.  He was a teacher and mentor to us both.  We loved Mr. Boppel.  By the way he dressed one would assume he rode up to the Art Building on a Harley which was endearingly offset by the cup of tea he always carried around with him, complete with saucer.  He used to check up on us periodically through our 3 hour painting class to make sure we were doing our work.  Which we always were, we loved being in the studio.  He'd say something inspiring, complementary or give us a suggestion on how we could improve and then move on.  No big deal.  All part of the process.  And with each sweep we drew our focus in a bit more.  Got a little clearer on what the image was we were trying to make.  An even give and take, he appreciated us too.

The idea behind Yoga Garden is the same. It is a place where we are artists/yogis individually but support each other collectively through having a studio space to practice the give and take.  As artists we try to find a way to express ourselves openly and fully to tell our stories a little bit at a time.  We look for ways to express our appreciation for what we see in the world around us in a way that is beyond words or conversation.  As yoga students we do the same.  We move through forms, make shapes, refine with action to see what images we can create.  Bring into focus what we are capable of with the help of an entire studio.

There is so much momentum behind the studio now as Yoga Garden comes up on finishing it's second cycle around the Sun.  It's exciting to see and feel and I feel lucky to be a part of it. We've got a great group of teachers who are all very adept with great training and always working on refining the focus in their teaching.  A great group of students who are entrepreneurial, artistic, curious and ever appreciative of the studio environment that continues to grow.  Again, I feel lucky.

An even give and take. 
A room full of teachers and students just happy to be in the studio.
Everything is possible.

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