Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Carry With You As You GO > > >

We bought a house!  The whole thing happened really fast.  We were not really looking and our finances were only in the process of getting approved.  We looked at our new home the first weekend in September, closed and moved in the second week in October.  We got a sweet little house with a great view and are now officially, proudly Nordeasters.  

This obviously means we also had to move.  It's been years since I've had to move.  I had forgotten what it was like to LITERALLY PICK UP EVERYTHING YOU OWN and drive it across the city and deliver it to a new location.  I had crazy, lovely dreams of friends and relatives I had not thought of in years.  I had forgotten what is was like to carry the memories with me too.  You think you know what you have.  Like you've been good about what you've decided to keep and what to hang on to for a little longer and let go of when you're ready.  But there is always more there than you can remember.  At first I was kind of dreading the move until we got going.  It felt SO GOOD to see all my stuff again and have all of it laid out in front of me.  It was wonderful to move everything and to know exactly what I had kept and what I had forgotten about including that box of notebooks from high school.  The first few trips I took to Salvation Army were practically Euphoric.  It felt good to let some things go too.  

So now I'm thinking about what I want to carry with me as I go toward a new year.  As the days get shorter and colder and we move inside physically and metaphorically.  I kind of want to lay it all out in front of me and gently create the new patterns to replace some of the old.  It's the work we do in the dark.  When we move on Halloween from the element of Ether to the element of Earth by the Winter Solstice.  And I'm looking forward to it in my new little humble abode.


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