Friday, October 23, 2015




All words I'm thinking about as we move toward a new year.  

Several years ago now I decided as the days got shorter and the nights got longer and colder I wasn't going to let myself slide and get lazy through the winter.  I wanted to make sure that when spring arrived I had done my work in the dark, defined boundaries and built strength around goals.

So I decided I would pick a word that would signify the work I needed and WANTED to do.  I kept it simple, just one word, knowing what direction I wanted to head off into with my word out in front of me like a flag.  I knew where I wanted to go but didn't know how I was going to get there or what it would look like along the way.  So it became an adventure.  Not so daunting or scary.  I would remember my word when I got lost and let it help me build those boundaries and keep me on track.  It would unfold from a word to a phrase, to a sentence, to a paragraph, to a story over the course of a year.  By fall I will have done my work and have something to show for it.  Something that is part of my greater foundation to build upon.  And it's super fun to see what happens to a idea when you nurture it and let it grow, like a seed.  Not so far off the bean seed I took home in 3rd grade in a styrofoam cup (it was the 70's) packed with soil to watch it grow...

We start on Halloween every year.  Halloween marks the cross-quarter holiday between the equinox and the winter solstice, when we go from the light half of the year into the dark.  And we just start to meditate on what we want.  Where do we want to be this time next year?  We pick our word and move it forward on the winter solstice as we cross into a new year.  So, you've got some time to think about what you want and set the foundation.  I hope to see you on Thursday - LVM
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Thursday 10/29

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