Wednesday, November 25, 2015

* * * You're a STAR -- and so am I * * *

I am a competitive person I will admit.  I LOVE to compete and I hate to lose.  But I am most competitive with myself.  And for the sake of growth and to learn not just because I hate losing.  The part about losing isn't the loss in not winning the game it's the loss in not moving ahead.  It's about feeling like I didn't grow.  So competition to me equals growth.  And in order to grow we need each other.  

I will never be more competitive with you than I am with myself because you're a star.  I want to compete with you because I think we're all amazing and we all have our own weird way of seeing and experiencing the world that needs to be shared.  

Level playing field were we all get to compete and work together is so much better than dividing us up into winners and losers.  The competition is the game.

* * **** * * ** ** * * * *** **** # # #### ## # # # ## ## # ## 888 8 8 8 8 8 888 8 8 8 88 888 8 8 8 8888

You're a star -- and so am I. I'm a genius -- and so are you. Your success encourages my brilliance, and my charisma enhances your power. Your victory doesn't require my defeat, and vice versa. 

Those are the rules in the New World -- quite unlike the rules in the Old World, where zero-sum games are the norm, and only one of us can win each time we play. 

In the New World, you don't have to play down or apologize for your prowess, because you love it when other people shine. You exult in your own excellence without regarding it as a sign of inherent superiority. As you ripen more and more of your latent aptitude, you inspire the rest of us to claim our own idiosyncratic magnificence . . . .

Rob Brezsny  /// Free Will Astrology


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