Friday, December 18, 2015

A NEW Story for a NEW Year \ \ \ \ \


As we live through each season we move forward through cycles, change and choice. Within us and all around us.  On the solstice we move from the time of Ether to Earth.  Each of the seasons is symbolized by one of the 5 elements: Winter = Earth, Spring = Water, Summer = Fire and Fall = Air.  The element of Ether is symbolized by the time between Halloween and the Solstice.  The element of ether is symbolic of our intuition, our ability to close our eyes and sit still.  It is a place of creativity before boundaries, judgment, insecurity and this freedom is what ignites the creative spark at our core. It's where the story begins. It gives us a light in the dark, our word for the year, an idea about how we would like to tell our story for a new year.  

But in order for our word, dream, desire to manifest it has to become physical, like a seed.  It has to take shape, to have a place to root into and grow.  The element of earth is symbolic of the body.  As we move from ether to earth we start to manifest our idea physically.  We begin to make choices about the way we breathe, move and rest to build a body that reflects where we are now and what direction we want to go.  Our bodies literally take the shape of our hearts and minds, each pose a reflection of our awareness as we weave and unwind our narrative of experience.

 Next week we move from Ether to Earth.  We will move from one season to the next and into a new year.  We will step into a new cycle of change and choice and create the story of a new season in our lives with us as we go.


Monday 12.21

6:30 - 8:00 PM - All Levels Vinyasa

Stay for a toast to a New Season after class!!!!

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