Thursday, August 25, 2016

YOGA is Not For Yogis, YOGA is For HUMANS < < <

I can't tell you how often I'm thankful that I found yoga years ago. Its not just about exercise - its about moving your body in healthy ways, while you contemplate the way you move through your life, while having time to think about the philosophy and laws of nature which help us to understand where we are in this experience of being human. THAT is yoga. And THAT is why I studied, and continue to study with Laurel Van Matre at#YOGAGardenMPLS:
This is my personal "Yoga Has Helped Me With..." List:
- Managing stress in college at the University of North Texas
- Managing spring #allergies symptoms for several years
- Transition to living in New York, New York
- Managing #anxiety when my income tanked along with the crash of 2008
- Bad bout of #depression in 2010
- Managing #stress as a new teacher / head of department in Idaho
- Sorting out what I want to do next with my life / career#NoForRealWhatAmIDoingHere
- Moving INTO the home I grew up in as a #GrownAssWoman
- Learning how the hell to #ACT for #VoiceOver after a dozen years as a vocalist, and keep my character by keeping me IN my #BREATH...
The last item was just this week. We all have our own list. And these#hashtags exist because in our modern world, we all deal with this stuff. Yoga is not for yogis, yoga is for humans.
I never ever ever intended on teaching yoga. I always loved that a yoga mat was a place for just ME - nothing to do with money, work, relationships, jobs.... it was a place to pause, so I could be better at those other things.
This stuff is about your own human #experience.
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Thank you Miss Calley Bliss - 2016 YGTT Graduate, singer (voice of an angel, seriously), and always fun to be with. 
P.S.  I can't tell you how thankful I am you found YOGA Garden xo
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