Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Every Word has a Story

Every Word is a Mantra or a Seed to a Story...

It's called a Bija Mantra.

For a new year I wish for us all to create the story of our lives we most truly want. To be creative and to suprise ourselves by doing something new. To not waste time but still have fun and give ourselves space to explore. To find a core group of people to do this with who understand this process and are adventurous at heart. To plant these seeds of new creative beginnings. So back to the idea of choosing a word. I was thinking about this and it occured to me the seeds we are planting are mantras. In Sanskrit it's referred to as a Bija Mantra.

Bija means Seed, Mantra means to transcend. Perfect.

Every word is both. Every word contains it's raw power in it's individual letters and pronunciations and a description and understood explanation in it's meaning. So through this process of choosing a word a story starts to unfold. We give ourselves a focus for the year, a place to go when we start to lose sight of our focus and create a new pattern.

For me this year I chose the word Faith. It's a weird word for me to chose. I chose my word kind of organically and that was the one that kept popping up. It bugged me a little at first because it has religious connotations...not bad just not my mantra. The word Faith in Sanskrit is Shraddha. Shraddha actually means to have heart, to move forward from the heart. The word heart has it's core meaning derived from the latin word cour which means heart and in english also forms the core of the word courage. So, as the story of having Faith unfolds for me this year I have to learn to move forward from the heart with courage. See, isn't this great! Every word is a seed and a mantra...when I start to get discouraged I create a new pattern by telling myself to have courage to lead with my heart. Scary but it helps to understand it as a narrative.

Every one of us has a story. All of us want to tell our stories. And all of our stories are worth being told.

I would love to hear how the stories of your words are unfolding so please stay in touch with me on this.

First Class of the year tomorrow @ 6:30...I hope to see you there!

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