Tuesday, June 25, 2013


What a great weekend it was.  

We had a great turnout and got a lot done.  We weaved in and out of our poses during a crazy storm on Friday night that pushed rain water through the ceiling and left many of us w/o power for days.  The weekend had originally been scheduled for 3 weeks earlier and had to be moved unexpectedly due to a hip injury Christina was dealing with.  So, there was a little bit of chaos from beginning to end which just makes me feel lucky.  I love it when things get a little chaotic.  We have to get creative.  It opens things up a bit and creates a space charged with the unexpected and leaves me feeling lucky with whatever it is I come up with as a result.  And it's always more fun to do that in a group.

The chaos leading up to the weekend dovetailed nicely with a great conversation we had going about yoga as exploration vs. following a particular order of any one system.  Christina has studied many different schools of yoga extensively and has always had a great point of view on what makes each one of them valuable.  She is masterful at teaching from her own experience with each.  I think it's really important to find a good teacher as well as a group to practice with, we can only get so far on our own. We need each others point of view to create useful boundaries to push off and into to grow as well as time on our own.  It can feel a little chaotic at times choosing between the two but we need them both to grow. 

So a little chaos is good.  It creates space for exploration.  The floor is dry, the power is back on, we all got to be a part of a great weekend with a wonderful teacher.  We all have new nuggets of info to practice on our own and share with each other.  

Christina has a great blog, you can read her entry about her time at Yoga Garden here.

Thanks again to all for a great weekend, L

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