Tuesday, October 29, 2013

YOUR YEAR IN A WORD /// My Word for 2013: VOICE

Into the dark we go…

This Thursday, on Halloween, we move into the darker half of the year.  So, we need to have a plan…what are you going to do with all that time in the dark?

A couple years ago I started a project for myself.  Around this time of year I would pick a word that would be my 'guide' for the upcoming year.  I would start thinking about it this time of year as my season as a garden designer ended and I had more time to focus on my yoga practice and art projects.  

I realized in retrospect I was picking words that represented where I needed to do my work, dharma for the yoga geeks.  The words were usually something I was lacking and definitely afraid of in some way.  They just started out in the dark from an etheric place of listening and looking and watching what my habits were and what I wanted to change.  The same place of listening we go into when meditating or find flow in our practice.  

Over the course of the year the words evolved from the curiosity of what they meant in general to what they meant to me.  They began to create narratives and tell a story.  They moved dynamically, grew and changed from word to phrase to sentence to paragraph to a story.  

My word for 2013 was VOICE.  This time last year I knew I needed to learn to articulate better with words.  I knew I could say what I needed to say artistically and design wise - no problem.  Make words and letters look pretty, no problem.  But, I was lacking in my VOICE by articulation.  So, as part of my YOUR YEAR IN A WORD for 2013 I committed to blogging everyday.  It was really kind of terrifying at first.  And my goal was to have 365 blog entries by the end of 2013.  I started my project blogging on the 10th of Feb and posted everyday through April.  And what I learned from my word was to just show up > Show Up Everyday (There is, of course, a blog entry about it) and something would unfold.  And in that I started to overcome my fear of my own VOICE and I wrote some pretty good entries.  I actually started to have fun with it, looked forward to it and began keeping a log of ideas I had that I wanted to write about.  I stopped writing daily when I realized I was just posting to post.  Once I had more of an idea about what I wanted to say I reserved writing for the clarity of my voice.  The story of my word began to unfold and as it got bigger I gained more confidence.

Now, punctuation and sentence structure still remain a complete mystery to me,  and I'm not declaring myself Shakespeare in any way.  But I did find my VOICE.  I'm not as afraid of it as I was a year ago.  I have a direct relationship with that word and what it means now in a way that adds strength to my foundation.  

So, this Halloween, Thursday night @ 630 we will sit still, go into the dark and start thinking about the story we want from a word for a new year…


Halloween Night

630 - 800

+ Show Up Everyday +

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