Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Got A Couch!!

I ended a long, epic journey in search of a couch yesterday.

At the beginning of every semester when I was in school for art we would set up our studios for the year.  The rooms were just big open studio spaces with partitions that held canvases for our paintings on both ends that divided the studio up into 3 spaces.  2 spaces for drawing classes and just one big open area in the middle for painting.  So, on the first day of the semester we chose from a pile of chairs, easels, tables and only about 4 couches to set up our individual spaces.

If you got a couch, you scored.   As I said there were only 4 couches and they were in high demand.  There were at least 50 - 75 students taking painting and milling around the painting/drawing studios every semester.  Having a couch meant that everyone congregated to your area.  It meant having 1 or 2 studio mates to share your space with.  It meant community and everyone wanted to be a part of it and loved it when they were.  It meant influencing and encouraging and conversing about each others desires in their work.

My intention for YogaGarden is the same.  To create and share a space/studio where people feel comfortable to be together as a creative community.  So, you see finding a couch can be an epic journey for the right reasons.

Here are some pics including said couch.  The couch and rug are for the dressing room, the chairs are for the waiting area and the table is for my office which will be in the way back of the studio.

More pics soon.

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