Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yoga Garden is changed forever.

I was wanting and waiting for something like this to happen.

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Sarah Fox, John Colburn and I had been talking about having an event based around the release of their new books of poetry, The First Flag and The Invisible Daughter for months.

We talked and picked a date.  We decided on last Saturday which was perfect.  Easter weekend and right before the day of The Fool (aka April Fool's Day).  A perfect day to talk about what we talk about so often in class, our words for the year and creating growth from the work we do in winter as we move toward spring.  The seeds, or eggs if you will according to the timing of Easter, we plant begin to grow.  We take a leap forward, like the fool, and start something new.

So, the whole night came together very organically.  I think in a way that reflects this process of growth.  Sarah and John both commented on how their comfort and familiarity with the studio contributed to the event.  They came prepared with music, images, flowers, chocolate bunnies and their courageous and beautiful words that just reflected such a powerful appreciation for life.  

And I can still feel it.  And this is why the studio has changed.  In a good way, like the fool leaping forward but only after he does his work, quietly, humbly in the dark and underground.  

This is what my message is for me and you and I feel is supported by Yoga Garden as it grows and comes together.  A safe, supported, community space that encourages growth through autonomy.

This will be the first of a series of YOGA Garden PRESENTS > > >

Thanks to all who made it, see the rest of you next time around.

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