Sunday, March 31, 2013

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I'm so inspired.  We had an event at the studio last night and I feel like it changed Yoga Garden forever.

Sarah Fox and John Colburn read from their recently published books, The First Flag and The Invisible Daughter.  They had visuals projected on the side wall, live music, flowers, chocolate bunnies.  People came out to hear them speak and see what they would do and check out a new space.  I felt lucky to be there.

It was just such a great night.  I want Yoga Garden to be a creative space, where people feel safe to express themselves and are inspired to do so and recognize that in each other and I really think it's happening.

So I have a really busy day today and will write more on the event this week.  I want to wish you all a Happy Easter Spring.  I look forward to seeing what comes up for all of us as the ground shifts and softens and we head into a new season.

Lucky, L

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  1. It was an amazing night! I'll post a few photos to my blog this week as well..

  2. It was! Glad you could make it Amelia. Thanks for the link.