Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Year In A Word > > > BOUNDARY

I'm feeling a bit squeezed for time this week and it's only Tuesday.  So I'm stealing this word from our Your Year in a Word Wall at YOGA Garden.

This happens for me at this time every year.  My boundaries shift as the weather changes.  And it's perfect time really as we move from hard, clear lines of winter into more fluid, soft lines of spring. 

I'm actually having a fun week working on new design projects as the LVMGardens work picks up for this Spring/Summer.  I've been getting a lot of new students in class as well as privates too, which makes me happy.  I love meeting new people.  Fliers for Christina Sell's weekend workshop are being revised today and should be out this week, which I'm very excited about.  And I should mention we had a blast working on scorpion in class last night.  I think that pose will be our mascot for Monday nights.  Whenever I ask what the class wants to work on I always get a resounding request for scorpion.

So, I'm busy.  New people and new projects = new boundaries.  It's good.  I like having new work.  I have to be really clear about how I'm using my time right now and I see that as a new boundary to push off.

Plus, the pickled radishes are delicious .. time well spent. 

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