Monday, March 25, 2013

> The Life Floridian

I'm back from a lovely trip to see my family, swim in the ocean, soak up the sun, experience the Life Floridian.  My dad and stepmom bought this for me for the studio at a little fruit stand we stopped at.  It was old school Americana, on the side of the road leading to Pine Island surrounded by palm trees, selling fruit as well as souvenirs.  They had trays, hats, bags, and little figurines all with 'FLORIDA' printed on them usually including a seashell, seahorse or a map of Florida.  I loved it and will happily find a home for this little lady at Yoga Garden.  And of course I love that it has a ship painted on it.

AND it's officially Spring and it officially feels like it.  Time to move, shift and change as a new season gives us more room to reach into.

See you on the mat tonight for Advanced Vinyasa @ 630

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