Wednesday, March 13, 2013

> New Classes We Think You Might Want Try & Events We Want To See You At / AKA: New Classes & Events

Lots going on in the studio these days.

We've been busy teaching new classes and planning events for March and April.

I added an Advanced Asana Class on Monday nights @ 630.  The class usually runs 90 to 100 mins. and we've been having a blast.  Mostly I'm hearing my students love the organic nature of the class.  I'm teaching it more as a workshop to give ourselves time to fine tune.  We start w sun salutations and move toward an apex pose that is usually determined via vote according to who's there.  So far Scorpion is in first place.  I'm getting feedback that the Monday night class is nice addition to the vinyasa flow classes on Sunday and Thursday nights.

Stephanie Loes added her Prenatal Class this February which is great, I think it's a nice addition for the community.  She finished her prenatal training recently @ Blooma and is really excited about the class, it meets from 930-1045 on Saturday mornings.  So if you know any mamas to be looking for a great prenatal teacher Stephanie's your gal.  She's teaching a Back to Basics Class on Saturday am @ 800-900 as well.

We will be adding a few classes in April.  I'm excited to have a fellow Nordeaster Sarah Super joining the studio.  She will be taking a Trauma Sensitive Yoga training in April and teaching on Wednesday nights @ 600 & Sunday mornings @ 930.   Her classes are starting April 17th.

A few more teachers have expressed interest in adding classes so stay tuned for details as the schedule grows.

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We're having a party!

I'm really looking forward to just getting a huge group together in the studio and enjoying the space with new people.  I love to meet new people and to introduce my friends who may not know each other to each other.  I like meeting your friends too.

Saturday, March 30th, will be the date I'm thinking 700 or 800 to start.  John Colburn will be reading from his new book of poetry Invisible Daughter and Sarah Fox will be reading from her new book of poetry The First Flag.  They have been a huge presence at the studio and are longtime students of mine so I'm really looking forward to hosting them for this event.  We'll pull out the couch and chairs, drink wine and have some fun.  Hope you can make it.

We're having an Open House!

There is so much beautiful natural light in the studio right now we want to have a little get together during the day.

Sunday, April 21st, is the date 1200 - 300.  We'll have a beverage and a snack.  And we're looking for a few vendors to sell some pretty things.  Hope to see you at this one too.

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We hope to see you at a class or event soon.

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