Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Calling All ADVANCED Yogis!! 

Here We Go > > > > > > >  

I have been talking about wanting to add a class for advanced yogis for a while and with the growth of YOGA GARDEN this winter I  think it's time to make space for another class.  This class will be taught as a vinyasa style class, same as our Thursday night class, but with more detailed alignment instructions. We will do some assisting in the middle of the room but only when necessary for poses such as Handstand and Forearm Balance and for any new poses where we need a little extra support to experience a new shape.  I will also be practicing with you and working on some new poses for me too.  So, how do you know if this class is right for you?  Prerequisites are:  Students must be practicing Handstand in the middle of the room w an assist and comfortable exploring variations of Vasistasana (Side Plank) & Urdhva Danurasana (Full Wheel).

We Start Next Monday Night @ 630 - 800 > > 

Please let me know your thoughts, concerns, questions or to just have a conversation about which of my classes would work best for you....

So, this will be my complete schedule starting next week:

Sunday        /Back to Basics 430 - 600
Monday      /Advanced Level 630 - 800
Thursday  /Continuing Level 630 - 800 

For Location and Schedule Info: www.yogagardenmpls.com

Love, L

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