Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Just hung this new print up in the studio.  

I love the message and the way it is spelled out in big block letters.  I love that the artist chose red which is the color of the earth and body.   There is attention to detail that you can only see close up...the way the red on the edges of each letter gently fades out onto the paper, little splashes of red paint on the background.  Up close you get a little history of the print you don't anticipate.  

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  As someone who has a difficult time saying no - it feels like giving up.  The artist probably put a lot of time into this print, more than it looks or feels like which is partly what makes it so pretty.  It feels clear and simple.

So when I hung it up and thought about it it just made me happy for its message as well as its image.  And I think that's what it reminds me of.  After all the hard work the image should look easy and effortless.  If you spend too much time on it you muddy it up. 

It's a good reminder for us all. 

A good reminder said in a beautiful and artistic but super simple way.  Delivered in a way we will remember it as an image as well as its meaning.

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