Sunday, February 10, 2013


So, I'm kind of turning YOGA Garden into a ship.  No not really but I came across this map of how to orient yourself on a ship and love the words used as descriptors.  Why?  Well because even though familiar they aren't words we use everyday...they are specific to being on a ship and I think that makes them interesting.  They are directional and we can understand them as a part of our common language but if you don't know what they mean they are of no use.  Specific to sailing and a different language in a way.  We do the same in yoga and I think the possibility in that is what makes it fun and creates an opportunity for autonomy as we move together.  The bow is the front of the ship and now the front of the studio and also where we pour our hearts over our heads to point ourselves in a certain direction.

Of course we need to understand the common meaning of a word to communicate but context is much more interesting, it requires imagination and a relationship or experience to the word.

The whole ship directional-language-thing is interesting that way because it puts us all on the same map in the studio.  An you could even imagine using the stars, On the Far Side of the Sky, as navigation just like sailors used to do.  We're all trying to get somewhere and enjoy the ride as we go after all. And to a certain degree we can only get there together and to a certain degree only alone.  But we all use the same tools and language to learn.

And in the meantime if you have trouble finding the studio I painted a new sandwich board to help you find your way.  You could think of the lightning bolts as stars.

Hope to see you soonish.

Love, LVM

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