Monday, February 11, 2013

MUSIC & ASANA - Or Another of "Last Nights Playlists"

Here is yet another of "Last Nights Playlists"

I get asked a lot to share my playlists, which is fun.  I spend a lot of time putting them together to match what I'm teaching so of course I love it when people are moved by the music I play.  But what I really love about it is it's really the same list that keeps evolving.  It's title is "Rachel's Play List" which is an ode to my good friend and fellow yoga beauty Rachel Hiltsley.  I took a class at her home studio AKA The Yoga Castle and asked her the very same question.  She graciously granted me permission to take a photo of her playlist and it's been evolving ever since.  I think the only song left from her original list is by Zoe Keating, which is just a little bit of musical beauty.  Don't you just love a good collaboration?  I do.  I love my friends and students...we definitely need to stick together.

Love to all & have fun on your mat or cleaning your house or whatever to a great soundtrack.  Music makes everything better. 

Love, LVM

P.S. I listen to the song in the post below no less than 20 x's per day.  It's the original version of the  Hans Zimmer song above & from the movie True Romance which is a fucking great movie if you haven't seen it.  The original is hauntingly amazing.

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